Why is This Haggadah Different From Every Other Haggadah?

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Rabbi Bill Blank "My satisfaction guarantee: If you're not happy with Internet Haggadah for any reason, email me for a full refund."
          -Rabbi Bill Blank

Since 2006, over 25,000 people have celebrated Passover with Internet Haggadah.
Here are a few reviews and comments:

...I gave the proof to my husband (who is not Jewish) and when he finished he said that so many of the rituals and stories made much more sense to him now!!!! Thanks again for all your help.
C. Hiser 02.28.2010

...Thank you-it's perfect!!!!
L. Rosen 04.05.2009

...I have printed the hagadas, they are beautiful and perfect for the interfaith seder we are hosting.
H. Giacomo 04.08.2009

... I am excited to finally do a seder where were people don't have difficulty pronouncing all those repetetive biblical terms and the kids have no idea of what they are reading or hearing! It will be interesting to see the reactions and I am sure that we will enjoy it so much more.
D. Kaplan 04.03.2009

...I serve a congregation that is somewhat different-- half the members are essentially Reform, while the other half believes themselves to be essentially Conservative (or even Conservadox). My first year at Shir Chadash necessitated selecting a new hagaddah for our use. After examining several texts, I chose the Internt Haggadah. I find the name to be rather unfortunate, but the content is virtually perfect. All of my Conservadox folks loved it, as did my Reformers....The quality of the gender neutral renderings in English are really very good IMHO. The marginal passages (which probably everybody skips in the traditional hagaddah) are absent. The songs are present and the tone of the Seder is very contemporary, yet in a way that traditionalists are comfortable with. It's upbeat and very easy to use. My folks loved it. And for $18, I doubt it can be beat. If you're not at all familiar with it, I recommend that you check it out.
Rabbi Howard O. Laibson 02.19.2008

...Bill, this is great... I like the fact that it explains for those not used to Jewish texts how rabbinic texts function, in a way people can relate to and that causes them to ask more questions... we'll definitely use it again...
Rabbi Alison Wissot 04.14.2007

...I had occasion last night to tell a bunch of friends at a 60th birthday party about the Internet Haggadah and how well I thought it was organized.... R. Krouk 04.08.2007

...My family used your Haggadah for the second year this Pesach, and you should know we took great pleasure in the fish, the soup, and your delightful little haggadah. Thanks for the memories I'm making....Great fun, thanks....
D. Mogerman 04.06.2007

...Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of the holiday and thanks for putting out such a great product for us procrastinators.....
Sheera Bizet 04.03.2007

...Brought up Liberal, Bar-Mitzvah Reform, Married Conservative, Brother Orthodox, and yet personally now a fully grown atheist. And guess what, the family is coming around for a Seder. This Hagada, downloaded today is perfect. Clean, Clear and meeting all requirements. It is ideal for experts and novices alike. Personally I didn't want to pay for a prayer book but at $18 (GPB10.80) it is excellent value. Especially as for the first time ever in over 50 Seders, EVERYONE will be singing from the same Hymn Sheet!!!! Very easy to print, Looks great. Thank you. Ronnie Kingsley 04.11.2006

...The text is an edited version of the traditional text, set in contemporary English that reads well, with some Hebrew and transliteration. Rabbi Blank also pays attention to page design, creating an attractive Haggadah.....
The Jewish Week, New York, 03.29.2006

...After all our years of trying to "sort out" the order of service, Rabbi Blank has given us a treasure that is clear and easy to use. Thanks. It will be our Haggada for years to come....William Reiwitch 04.08.2006

...Instructions on conducting the seder are very clear, the translation is readable and understandable, and all Hebrew passages are given in transliteration--which can be very useful to help everyone at your table feel included. It is nicely designed in black and white, and pleasant to read..... The Chicago Jewish Star 03.31.2006

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